Life Today 2015 to Present

June 30


Today just cannot pass without talking about it. I feel it in my energy. I feel it in the way Hubs and I move around each other. We are sad. Today should be different but it’s not.

I hesitate posting about Jack. I never heard him cry, never knew the color of his eyes, but I knew him. And I love him. And he demands his day.

Fourteen years

That’s a lot of life.

And yet the timing of that day passes through me every year……..the minute I sat in the waiting room, the second I found out, the moment I called Hubs.

I hesitate to post about Jack because it is so very sad. Nothing is more devastating than a silent delivery room.

Tomorrow we will toast to our First. I will place the frog ring on the creme’ brulee. The waiter will ask what we are celebrating and we will awkwardly look at each other and come up with a lame answer.

But to tonight I will miss a person who should have been here.

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