Happy New Decade


Ten years is a long time.

If we’re lucky we get 8 or 9 (10?) decades in the precious world. Decades are defined in history; we talk about the 1960’s, the 70’s in chunks of events that forms our world today.

How will our tween and teen years define us?

I thought about this today as Hubs and I drove home from the mountains. What have the last ten years been for me.

In spite of the amazing things that envelope my life today, two words immediately popped into my head.

I fought.

Well, yeah. I guess I kind of did.

In this long span of ten years, I fought for my child, I fought to define a life without my child and without the prospect of additional children. I fought to find myself, to redefine myself, my marriage, my relationship with Hubs and my relationship within this world.

In the span of ten years, I am grateful that I no longer have to fight to keep my head above water but I cannot dismiss the times of frantically treading.

It is true that time heals wounds. It is a horrible truth especially in this society where we expect instant gratification; one day delivery, a pill to make things better, a ‘like’ to verify our worth. Time knows nothing of these things. Time makes us wait, feel, and then poof, hands us ten years of life wrapped up in a messy, beautiful package.

A decade is a long time.

I saddled up this past decade, handed it it’s hat, looked it straight in the eye and said, “You were kind of a bitch.”

It winked at me and rode off into the sunset.

After any great fight, there is reflection.

In the words of our great muse, Rocky Balboa, “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Amen Rocky.


Onto our 20’s!

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