Where was God.

I have a beautiful songwriter, singer, poet friend named Inda Eaton.

Inda has been on my mind the last couple days…….perhaps because yesterday was her birthday, perhaps because when I’m stuck in my life, one of her songs plays in my head.

It’s called a Prayer for Jo….take second to listen and then tell her how much you love it.

Scroll down to Prayer for Jo…..or listen to the whole album. Ya’ll might have a little extra time 🙂 The music is raw and the lyrics resonate when the world doesn’t seem to make sense………

Now where was God. When the chips came down?

Because all our dreams, they’ve been turned around.

In my mind I need a rest, from the nightmare days.

It could have been anyone, it could have been anywhere, feels like the heat from the Honduran Sun

When this songs comes to my head and I’m a little angry, I change the words chips to shit, because that’s just how I roll, potty mouth and all……

Where was God, when the shit came down? Because all my dreams, they’ve been turned around.

Go ahead, sing it. And change the words. You deserve it this week

So many things have changed- so many dreams been turned around; graduations, weddings, trips, school. People are sad, disappointed, scared and some are angry; looking for something, someone to blame.

In my mind I need a rest. From the nightmare day.

Here’s the rat bastard thing about life……sometimes there is no one to blame. Sometimes things just happen. Sometimes we have to except that we might not have any control over the big overarching issue.

Not having anyone to blame is the worst. It’s so much easier when we can stick our knowing, blaming finger in someone else’s piece of pie.

But this is life; in all of its lovely, unpredictable, heartbreaking amazing glory. This is life.

There were many times in my life when I have asked where was God…..especially when the chips where coming down.

And I have come to this conclusion; God is not what happens to us. God is how we respond to what happens to us.

May we respond with grace. May we respond fearlessly, responsibly and without blame……that is where God is when the chips come down.

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