In Spite of Ourselves-

Years ago Hubs and I sat at the table after dinner. We shared a bottle of Cab and listened to Pandora.

John Prine and Iris DeMent sang ‘In Spite of Ourselves’; a gritty, no nonsense song about the silliness of loving another and loving that person in spite of our crazy flaws.

In spite of ourselves we’ll end up a-sittin’ on a rainbow
Against all odds, honey we’re the big door-prize
We’re gonna spite our noses right off of our faces
There won’t be nothin’ but big ol’ hearts dancin’ in our eyes

“Honey,” I said. “This is us. This is our song.”

He smiled and nodded.

This is our song.

I mean, don’t take it too literally- me and the Easter Bunny aren’t that alike but really, against all odds, honey we’re the big door prize.

John Prine left us this week. Another great human I never knew but attached my heart to. He was a great story teller, a fantastic musician and another casualty of COVID-19.

I love this song. Hubs and I have truly been against all odds. When I look at times now and where we have come; this marriage, no matter how wonky it is at times, is one of my greatest accomplishments.

He’s my baby, I don’t mean maybe
I’m never gonna let him go

I post this now because it’s easy to love when everything is hunky dory; the kids are at school, the job is great and that Disney cruise to the Bahamas is booked for May.

It can be a tad more challenging when everyone shares a living room table, jobs are on the line, the Disney cruise was cancelled and you have to help your kiddo find ‘X’ in Algebra.

Where is the HELL is X?

If X insists on be illusive, shouldn’t we just leave X alone? Where is X? Maybe X just doesn’t want to be found.

I digress.

These times. These times are a challenge. A challenge for us all. I hope at the end, you look at your person and know that this is your baby, don’t mean maybe.

And thank you John Prine; for your crazy love lyrics. You will be missed.

He’s got more balls than a big brass monkey
A whacked-out weirdo and a love bugged junkie
Sly as a fox crazy as a loon

Payday comes and he’s a-howlin’ at the moon
He’s my baby, I don’t mean maybe
I’m never gonna let him go

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