Day 16 Delights: Socks


Today was chilly.

I needed some good socks.

I invested in good socks this winter. This has been a good investment. I was never a sock person. I am a sock person now.

Good socks are delightful.

I pulled out a stripped pair of socks this morning and delighted in the fact that not only are they stripped and lovely and warm…..but these socks have a fox.

We kinda love Dr. Seuss around here.

I took my amazing socks out of the drawer, and they have been sassy companion to my feet all day. Delightful.

The great thing about delights is that there is no rhyme or reason behind why something brings you joy. A delight is a gift- you just need to notice.

Not only are these awesome socks but they are darn tough…. yes I know, I am a sucker for branding but putting these darn tough socks on my feet, looking at my tootsies and deciding I was also going to be darn tough today and well, that was a delight too.

PS- I am not paid by darn tough socks to put them on my feet but I do find them lovely and delightful. Go be darn tough my fearless friends. You got this- you’re crazy… a fox.

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