Delights Day 20- Study Music

I am still working from home 95% of my days.

And while I still find it odd that for two years now, I can get camera ready in about 15 minutes, find a top that is business-casually enough while still being cozy and yoga pants that provide enough, stretch and give to remind me that this is not a cuddly Saturday…..this is in fact a Wednesday. And attention must be paid.

I have found several hidden delights to working from home.

One of them is music.

Today I found a break in my meetings, served up a cuppa tea and cranked up the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack on Spotify.

I’m a crazy cat.

It’s a lovely soundtrack if you are looking for a moment to unwind, sip a little Earl Grey and pretend you are in the English Countryside instead of your office……. which smells oddly of curry.


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