Delights Day 22- The Story of Grandma B

This is Young Heather with my Hottie Mama, my Gran and my Great Grandma Burbank (aka Grandma B).

Four generations of women who have lead amazingly different lives. I am so proud of these strong women before me who helped pave a path for my own journey. In preserving that sacred journey, I pass Day 22 of Delights onto my Hottie Mama- aka, Mama Judi:

Grandma B’s Journal’s

I spent a very delightful week this month with my brother Rod and ‘Sister’ Jeanine, in Rosharon, Tx.  Rod is transcribing my Grandma B.’s. daily journals.  I went down for a week to help him convert pages of cursive into Word documents.  There are years’ worth of work reflected in the above suitcase.  It is truly a labor of love.  Each month takes 2-4 hours to transcribe.  It was closer to 2 hours with both of us working (Rod reading and me typing.).

Grandma B kept a journal every day of her life until 2 days before she passed in 1983.  We finally have her journals from 1938 to 1983 (except for a few years that burned when their house burned down.)

These are such an incredible, delightful treasure for our family.  Many days show the struggle of farm life in the 1930’s and 1940’s.   No going to the grocery store for most things.  Growing, canning, preserving, hunting or fishing for most of their food.  No electricity, central heating or indoor plumbing. Neighbors and family helping each other and visiting with each other on a regular basis.

For many years, she used a 1-year journal to record 5 years of her life (thus saving paper).  The writing is so tiny that my brother uses an electronic enlarger to read it.  Even then, some days are very difficult to read.

In many instances, she wrote in pencil and the pencil has faded so much that it is almost unreadable but so far Rod has been able to figure it out.

As he finishes each year, he is sharing the Word document with family members so we can all experience the world through my Grandma’s eyes.  She was a pretty amazing person and we learn so much about her life by reading her journals. It is truly a delightful experience and an honor to my Grandma.

Thanks Rod!!!  We love you!!

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