Delight Day 28- Two’s

Yesterday was 2-22-2022.

And if you were in second grade, you were in grade 2 on 2-22-2022.

One of my nephews got to celebrate being in grade 2 yesterday. His school did some special activities unique to the day and his grade. One was ‘what will your life be like at 22 years old?’

This was his response-

Hubs, Pops and I took the Phews skiing the day before and I guess the day stuck. I love everything about where Phew 2 will be at 22. I love that he loves to ski. I love that he will have short hair, big feet and long legs.

Hubs and I formed a life around this crazy Winter sport. We both spent our 20’s bumming around ski resorts, sleeping on couches and watching too many Warren Miller flicks. Even before we met, the foundation of us was embedded in this skiing lifestyle.

And Phew’s Dad? My brother is an amazing skier.

I hope this sticks. I hope the Phews fall in love with these ski days…..not just because it’s a great activity but because selfishly, my most magical days have been spent on a mountain; a great powder day, a terrific summit, the sun dancing between flecks of snow, a day on the mountain with family and friends.

This sport took me around the world. It made me independent. It gave me confidence. It made me strong- it took my breath away.

And a good powder day still makes me giddy and giggly, nom, nom, nom.

Everyone needs something in life that makes them feel this way.

So you go my long legged, big footed, short haired nephew. Teaching you to love this sport is a delight.

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