The Samantha Years

Thursday Thoughts

So, I took the seizure counter down. Samantha had two today but that’s not really why I took it down….it’s kind of like counting the runny-nose-free days a kiddo has. Sooner or later that nose will run, so hey, why put that pressure on the sinuses? Samantha continues to do well, get stronger and we’re on our way to sitting up!

The Today Show did a feature on epilepsy this morning and did a great job. The link is below… The video is really touching and speaks the truth. Epilepsy effects more people then Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Muscular Dystrophy combined, three million people….yet so little is known about it. Twenty years ago the common control was crazy levels of phenobarbital. And we think Ritalin is bad! Anyway, they have come a long way and spots on the Today show can only help. Maybe Matt Lauer can help with a fund raiser…..mmmmm….Matt Lauer.

So, I’m off my soap box to talk about another issue….

It’s twelve days to Christmas and I have to laugh at my pre-season thinking. I thought…”I’m now a stay at home mom, I’ll have plenty of time to get everything together” HA!. T’was days before Christmas and not a present in sight….Mom’s hoping to go shopping before Christmas night! The stockings are up, but not with care. Right now I’m scanning the living room to see what I can re-gift. The Schichtel side has been passing around the same box of smoked salmon for about 4 seasons now….what’s the shelf life of a fruit cake?

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts”

  1. Glad you seen the today show spot! Congrats on NPR, I thought the story was wonderful so I’m not surprised it was picked, it brought big tears to my eyes. Hope you survived the hoiday and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!Amanda and Ava


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