The Samantha Years

What will be great about 2008?

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

As I’m writing, I have one eye on the Iowa caucus; a year of much needed change. A friend of mine calls me the ‘the most liberal friend she knows’ so I’m sure you can all guess my views. I feel energized by the changes afoot and I’m trying to incorporate this into my life.

My husband and I got a much needed reprieve during the holidays. We got to go skiing together! (thanks Grandma Judi and Aunt Jen!) It was a cold, blustery day but so great to be outside and up in the mountains. I had my ‘A’ game going until about 1:30 and then my legs gave up…game over. We started home around 3:00 only to be stuck on I-70 with about 1,000 of our soon-to-be closest friends. 2 1/2 hours later we had gone about 5 miles up to Eisenhower tunnel only to hear that the interstate was closed east and west due to high winds, snow and icy roads. We found ourselves wedged between two semi-trucks and a Volvo, all spinning their wheels trying to gain traction and sliding towards us. Bart found a hole between the trucks and maneuvered us through, being one of the last cars to get through for the next 24 hours. Whew!

Maybe that’s what our 2008 is about; finding different ways through a tough situation, being somewhat tenacious and not being afraid of the big trucks.

We spent New Year’s Eve with friends. At midnight they opened all the doors to let 2007 out and welcome 2008. When we got home, Bart open our doors and kept them open for about 20 minutes…..brrrrr. He wanted to make sure 2007 was gone for good. Adios. Hello 2008….now shut the door.

New Year’s left me with a nasty cold and Samantha with cluster seizures. Bart decided he should have left the doors open a little longer. Nah, we’re just getting rid of residual 2007.

Opening new doors and finding new paths. Welcome 2008.

1 thought on “What will be great about 2008?”

  1. Happy New Year, Schichtels! We ushered 2007 out by wrapping yarn around a pine cone and then burning it in a fire. Another method for saying, “See ya, 2007!” A little warmer, however. We look forward to all 2008 delivers. Our love for you, however, remains constant! Love, Cynde


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