The Samantha Years

I’m now on Facebook!

What a kick! I joined an hour ago and met up with six friends. If you haven’t done it, I highly recommend it….great way to dabble a little time. My friend Ginger sent me a slinky through Facebook…who knew. With the baby asleep in her room (cross your fingers) the hubbie asleep on the couch and a repeat of the debates, I had a little time.

I LOST MY WALLET TODAY! Scary! The worst part is that I didn’t even know. I had it in the back pocket of our stroller and it must have fallen out. The mall security called me at home….”Hi, we have your wallet. Would you like to come get it?” I would like to thank the mystery person who picked it up…cash, checkbook and everything and turned it into the Gap. Thank you mystery person.

Samantha is well and finally pushing about 10 teeth. We took her off her 2:00 of Topamax….wish us luck!

Hey, find me on Facebook; along with Hilary and Obama. Maybe I’ll put you on my wall 🙂

Happy Sunday.


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