The Samantha Years

Packing it away

As I’m writing this evening, my husband is watching a man get ‘tazed’ on the SciFi channel. 19 muscle pulses per second when you get tazed…who knew. Who knew that this would be considered entertainment.

Here’s the big news for this evening. We are weaning Samantha off her Topamax which is always tough and sleep is unpredictable. We all had a party until 2:00 am on Saturday. After drugging the baby, she decided to sleep until noon the next day! So guess who also slept until noon! Ten whole hours, yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. I was up at nine to give her breakfast and seizure meds and then snuggled back under the sheets. Ten hours….oooof…fabulous.

Refreshed and celebrating the New Year, I decided it was time to clean out my underwear drawer. This is relevant, really. I threw out all my old maternity underwear along with my thong underwear. It was kind of the two ends of the spectrum. The yin and yang of life, the middle of the road. I am now sitting comfortably in my granny panties.

This year I have resolved to take better care of myself. I went to spin class for the first time in THREE years. I dusted off my cycling shoes, searched for those hairy spiders that can dwell in the toe and squeezed into my cycling shorts (they might have the same fate as my underwear). Here’s the great thing… was FABULOUS! I felt so strong. I will be limping down the stairs tomorrow morning but this afternoon, the endorphins were pumping.

I constantly thought about Samantha during the class. I thought about how strong my legs felt and hoped that Samantha will someday experience this. I also thought that it would be a travesty not to use my legs. I have this strong, healthy body and a kiddo who fights for head control. I gotta get out there. Sounds good huh? Ask me how I feel tomorrow as I groan out of bed 🙂

The tazer show is over. Thank God for cable! Here’s to a good week and seizure free days.

2 thoughts on “Packing it away”

  1. That is a good resolution! Your right, it would be a shame not to take care of and use the healthy, strong body you were given. Sam is a reminder for all of us not to take for granted the normal! Love, Cynde


  2. Happy New Year, Schichtels! Hadn’t been on to read your posts in a while. As always your positive energy and strong spirit continue to inspire! I’m hoping that this past week was a good one for Samantha! Love to all of you~Katie


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