The Samantha Years

Homeward Bound!

Samantha has done a great job of showing the doctors what they needed to see. Such a good job in fact, that we are able to go home tomorrow (Wednesday) morning! Whoo Hoo!!!

So, what did we find out? Samantha’s seizures are primarily in the left frontal lobe. She does however have some other ‘discharges’ throughout the brain therefore Samantha is not a candidate for surgery right now. They will take a look as she gets older or if the seizure type changes.

Here’s the good news, her infantile spasms are still gone and her jerky movements are just ‘Samantha movements’. Our neurologist felt really positive about the EEG and said it has really improved from the last couple months. The diet has been a positive change and she wants us to remain on one seizure med. Whew! Not too bad for a days work!

We are signing off for the night. Thanks so much for all the positive thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Homeward Bound!”

  1. Good news for all. We were planning a Thursday trip to TCH but very happy that you will be resting at home. Way to go SAM!!Christy, Pete and Kayla


  2. That’s awesome that you guys get to go home already! Scott and I were coming tonight with brownies – oh well!! Love, Tracy and Scott


  3. Just logged on to see how things were going. Glad to hear that you were able to go home from TCH early. Our love to all of you!Jayne, Steve and family


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