The Samantha Years

Ok, ok, ok

So, as a friend of mine put it, “You told us you were going home and that was it.” Yes, she’s right….it’s been a while since we sent an update. I gotta tell you though, the hospital sucked the life out of me; suck, suck suck. I don’t know how we got through 45 days in six weeks at Children’s last year. For those of you who saw us last year and thought we were on the verge of a breakdown, I appreciate you not saying anything. Those of you who saw us and just handed us a glass of wine….well I appreciate you too 🙂

So, was it worth it? Well yes, but if you ask Samantha, she might have a different opinion. We came home with peace of mind. We have weaned Samantha off of so many siezure meds that anytime she made a jerky movement, stared off into space, I questioned if she was having a seizure or even worse, that her spasms were back. Well, our neuro said no, what is a seizure is a seizure and that’s it. AND our neuro said it with a smile. I love our neuro but business is business she’s not one to sugar my coffee, butter my toast or tell me that things look good when they don’t. You know what she told me? She told me things look good 🙂

We still struggle with seizure control. When Samantha has a good day, everyone has a good day and I think it will be that way for a while.

On a side note….thanks to everyone who have joined the SAMMER HAMMER!!! Again, mark your calendars for April 20th at Washington Park in Denver. The Hammer has $360.00 to her name. We are very touched you are spending your Sunday with us.

I’ll try not to wait two weeks again. Happy hump day everyone!


1 thought on “Ok, ok, ok”

  1. WOW! just caught up on the blog. I hope you left the wringer you went through in a smoking pile of rubble. Love to you all, Uncle Mark


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