The Samantha Years

I didn’t want to go to Holland

So, I wanted to write this post about my FIRST night away with my husband since Samantha got sick and what a fun time we had BUT then I got diverted. I learned about the birth of Baby C and he and his parents have been on my mind all day. Without divulging too much, Baby C had a bit of a rough start but he has great, smart parents who are committed to his health and happiness. But it got me thinking about the weekend, a year ago, when I was confronted about Samantha and her future. My friend Christy gave me a poem ‘Welcome to Holland’ (it’s posted on the blog). I thought, well that’s a great poem but we’re not going to Holland, thank you very much.” A year later, I think we’re part of the Amsterdam tourist bureau. Is it ok? Yes. I like Rembrant and tulips but I’ll always yearn for a pizza or two.

What is in our Holland?

Have you ever been to Disney Land (World?) Did you ever ride the Small World ride? I think of our ‘Holland’ as the Small World Ride. Yeah, Space Mountain is much more exciting but there are a lot of little people in the Small World ride who are there to welcome you and remind you that you are all in this boat together.

I think I know of families who were sent to Holland as a layover and eventually got sent to Italy. These are the best tourists because they will never take the gelatto for granted, they know what a work of art the David is and that the Duomo is a miracle. Is it because they spent the last year in wooden shoes? Maybe. But for those, the sun is a little brighter, miracles mean more and happiness is cherished.

So, to Baby C and his parents, I know no one knows the future. If you land in Holland for a little while that’s ok. Smell the tulips, ride the boats, see a Rembrant and don’t forget there is a group there to welcome you. We are sitting in the tulips, clicking our shoes and offering advice.

It’s a world of laughter
A world of tears
It’s a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There’s so much that we share
That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all

Have a sweet night Baby C.


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