The Samantha Years

Baby C and Ode to the Grandmas

Baby C is doing very well! In fact he was able to go home last week. The doctors even threw out the word ‘miraculous’! This is huge….docs keep the ‘M’ word very close. The M word is good. The M word should be coveted, an M from a doctor is well…..miraculous! Thank you to everyone who shared concerns and to sweet Miss. Heidi who immediately wanted to know where to send the lasagna 🙂

My house is full of laundry, excess easter basket grass and dust bunnies. I’m not a great housekeeper but I usually try to keep my dust bunnies in check. Why is my house in such disaray? Because last weekend we were up in Beaver Creek, Tuesday I skied with dear ol’ dad and Cami AND we spent a lovely night at the Magnolia the weekend before that!!!! WOW! I did a count of my ski days for the season and I made it to ten. Ten! The last time my ski days were in the double digits was the year Bart and I got married; 2004. My life has changed a bit since 2004 but I was still able to make it to ten which is well….miraculous!

These days would not have been possible without the help of the Grandmas. They pitched in, changed diapers and bounced the baby while I bounced down the mountain.

So I wrote a poem….

Grandma, Grandma goo,
Grandma, Grandma gee,
Without you
I could not ski

Thank you, thank you do
Thank you, thank you dot
What would I do without Grandmas?
This, I know not!

Happy Spring!


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