The Samantha Years

Fine, I’ll guess we’ll stay a while

So, we almost made it a year without any unplanned hospital stays…..

We’re at Children’s this week. Samantha is fighting an infection but we haven’t been able to find the source. She’s been in a lot of pain and spent yesterday with a 104 degree fever. Last night took us from our ‘penthouse’ on the 8th floor down to the ICU so she could be closely observed as her stats started to drop.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the worst is over. She’s on two I.V. antibiotics that seem to be controlling the infection and her vitals look good. She’s now sleeping and has her pink hue back 🙂 Thankfully, she went through this without any breakthrough seizures.

We’re hoping to be home by Friday. I’ll be updating my blog with any news. If you have a moment, send her a smooch.

Thanks, as always, for the support 🙂

Heather, Bart and Samantha

5 thoughts on “Fine, I’ll guess we’ll stay a while”

  1. We are thinking good thoughts and keeping you in our prayers Sam!! Look at your cute face sitting in your moms arms!! Love,Barry, Heidi, Jack and Ella


  2. Robbie’s looking forward to giving Samantha a great big sloppy smooch when she’s up for it. We are all thinking about you and hoping for a quick recovery. Thank heavens for no break through seizures. She’s one tough little cookie.Much love,The Luceros


  3. Dearest Miss Sassy Pants,You no longer need to give your mom fodder for her stories, so please quit egging her on. ;-)We send our best wishes from Seattle to our dear friends in Colorado. We know that the famous little fighter will do her job.xoxo Laurie and Will


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