The Samantha Years

I Now Have a Reputation

So, when you’ve spent WEEKS in Children’s, you learn the ins and outs. You learn that it really is ok to question the docs, disagree with protocol and push back.

I’ve been pushing back.

Nothing extreme….I’ve insisted we get Infectious Disease involved. I make lists and ask for follow up…we’re running the business of getting Samantha well. Yesterday however, one of the I.D. residents mentioned to the nurse that she was afraid to talk to me about a delayed meeting for fear she would get yelled at.Yelled at?!! I’m not a yeller…a little short perhaps….it’s all about the business of Samantha 🙂

Speaking of, we are now on the 8th floor; out of the ICU. YAY! They are thinking Samantha had a super-infection behind her ear. She also tested positive for MRSA which is a nasty staph infection. All is being treated with a super-dose of anti-biotics. We will be here at least through Monday.

Samantha is resting well. She’s pretty worn out from days of high fever and intense pain. We both slept well last night!

Thank you again for all the well-wishes, thoughts and prayers. We love you guys 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Now Have a Reputation”

  1. I was telling Heidi yesterday that I had a MRS Staph and had to deal with the horrible vancomiacin thru a pick link last September. Not fun for me, so certainly not fun for little Sam. She is such a trooper. God Bless her.


  2. Your wee Sam is amazing–and so are you. This motherhood thing isn’t for pussies–as I’m fond of saying–and you are exactly right in approaching her care like you would a job; with tenacity, professionalism and FANGS!!!Thinking of you both all the time and would love to meet your amazing daughter sometime…kisses,alissa


  3. Hi Heather, I’ve always wanted to send you a note but could never really find the words to say. We worked together a wee long time ago at ABACUS. I had just had my baby (Violet) and you and I were standing in line to see Santa when we met. I had the wonderful oppt. to meet your sweet Sam. I have since continue to read up on your blog to see how Sam is doing…Nov. 2007 to be honest. I keep you and your family in my daily thoughts and prayers! Ambree Vecchiarelly


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