The Samantha Years

You Can Pick Your Friends and You Can Pick Your Nose

Samantha now has a PICC line. It’s a catheter that runs up to the entrance of her superior vena cava down her arm and out like the tip of an IV line. When your getting a lot of IV meds and blood draws, it kind of makes sense. They can just come up to the line and put in or pull out what they need. Her little veins were dry and the bottom of her feet have been ravaged due to pokes. It’s unnerving to think that that this line runs all the way up to her heart….CRAZY! Since we have the line in, the specialist have made a ‘wish-list’ of the blood tests that need to be run while were here. I’m going to buy a bunch of vampire fangs and start handing them out.

Each day is getting better. We usually have a couple periods of high temps and agitation but nothing too long. Everything is kind of on hold for the weekend and we will reconvene with the specialists on Monday.

Bart came down last night and we are spending a lovely weekend together as a family on the 8th floor. I’m catching up on my Disney flicks.

Hope you all are well!


4 thoughts on “You Can Pick Your Friends and You Can Pick Your Nose”

  1. Oh my…what a week poor Samantha (and her mom, dad, and grandparents!) has had! I hope this will be a weekend of rest for her, and she will be back to her normal, sweet self very very soon! You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers. Love to all of you! Katie


  2. Hi Samantha’s mom, My name is Deana, and you’ve linked to my son’s blog, Monster Max. Your recent blogs have been all too familiar. I sure hope Samantha gets to feeling better soon. I know we’ve not met, but please know I would be more than willing to come up and sit with her if you need to get away even for a few minutes, or longer if you and your husband wanted to go out to eat.Hopefully that doesn’t come across as weird, I just know from months in the PICU that it does get old! And it is rare to get a nurse that will sit in your room while you step away. Prayers for you and Samantha,Deana


  3. Just wanted you to know that hugs, thoughts, and prayers are coming from your Plano family!Love to all, Jayne, Steve and family


  4. Heather,I sent you an e-mail, but I don’t know if the address I have is current. I would really like to help while Cynde and Rick are gone. I could come to the hospital and spend time to relieve you or bring food or whatever you might need. (I am into Disney movies.) I am sorry for the hard week you have gone through. Let me know anyway I can help.Joan


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