The Samantha Years

Samantha and Tom

What does Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Samantha Schichtel of Loveland, Colorado have in common?

They both have MRSA. And we think they both contracted it from a hospital procedure. Tom from his knee, Samantha from her ear tubes. It’s pretty serious stuff. I guess now in the US, more people die from MRSA than from AIDS and if uber-athlete Tom Brady can get it….

So we’re treating a super-infection with super antibiotics. She has been on IV meds for a week and we will switch to oral meds tonight. The biggest issue is that the drainage in her ear isn’t going away so we’re still fighting something in there. We will continue to follow up with the Ear, Nose and Throat docs.

The big news is that we are scheduled to GO HOME TOMORROW!!!! Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll let you all know how the next 24 hours go.

Thank you for all of the well-wishes and good thoughts.

Heather, Bart and Samantha

3 thoughts on “Samantha and Tom”

  1. Go-Home-Sam – Go-Home-Sam ( I’m cheering the way you would at a football game – get it – football, Tom Brady…oh, I tried!)! She will be home just in time to pass out Halloween candy! ;-)Love, Heidi, Barry, and kids


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