The Samantha Years

Well %*#%!!!

Day eight in the hospital hasn’t brought us any closer to a resolution….we thought it did but the last 24 hours have been a little trying, to say the least.

We were scheduled to go home today. I was a little aprehensive. IV meds have not decreased the infection, we switched to an oral antibiotic and Samantha was still having seizures. I am such a Nervous Nellie! (sarcasm intended). But, they thought we could handle it.

Samantha, in her wonderful way of telling us what she needs, continued to have seizures and a bad night last night. She is now running a slight fever and was clearly in pain until we gave her a dose of Ativan. Yep, we’re here for the night. Apparently Samantha didn’t feel comfortable going home either.

We are also dealing with the fact that 8 days of Vancomyacin (sp) has not cleared up her ear. The doctors are now considering surgery; going in and scraping the infection out of her canal. This is a 2-2 1/2 hour procedure that everyone is a little nervous about considering Samantha’s condition.

Our nerves are a little frayed. We just want this nasty infection gone….gone, gone, gone. I’ll continue to keep you updated.

Please keep little Sammers in your thoughts and prayers.

Heather, Bart and Samantha

3 thoughts on “Well %*#%!!!”

  1. And a %*#%!!! from me, too. I can only imagine your frustration! Sorry to hear of these events, and as always, you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Ditto from all the Word Wenches from Weekly Writers’ Workshop! With our warmest greetings and staunchest support,MaryjoPS: May I toot your horn? Read the “Loveland Loves to Read” writing contest entries, especially Samantha’s Mom’s entry! Click on Heather’s name to read the text. Way to go, Heather! She has quite the turn of phrase, as you will see. We of Weekly Writers’ Workshop are very proud of her.


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