The Samantha Years

A House is Made with Walls and Beams. A Home is Built with Love and Dreams

We are home πŸ™‚ Did I tell you we’re home? Hey, guess what???? We are home!!!!

We checked out of the TCH Penthouse yesterday with a book full of appointments to make, things to watch out for and care for Samantha’s PIC line.

I gotta tell you, the PIC line has me a little nervous. Samantha has a feeding tube which goes into her tummy but the tummy is kind of a dirty place anyway. The PIC line sends meds directly into her heart….her heart…that little ticker….important place….must keep line clean….

I am now a hand-washing, alcohol swabbing, purel-ing fool! I went through care procedures about 20 times in the hospital. Our lovely nurse finally patted me on the back, told me it was time to go home and I would be just fine.

Our home nurse met us at 5:30 to go through med procedures. We now have saline, heprin flushes, syringes, and a small fortune in Vancomyacin sitting next to the cottage cheese in our refrigerator. We don’t have an IV pump, we have these cool balloon looking things that slowly release the med into her PIC line….pretty cool.

Samantha is doing great. She is sleeping soundly, very relaxed and obviously very happy to be home.

Thanks for everything πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to vote! And for you Coloradoans out there….Yes on 51!


2 thoughts on “A House is Made with Walls and Beams. A Home is Built with Love and Dreams”

  1. So glad you are home!! You will do just fine with the picc! Landon had his in for over a month before he got a permanent line (broviac) it is scary but you will get used to it and be a pro, then you will be a total freak watching nurses take care of it if you have to go back to the hospital. I used soo many alcohol pads, it was crazy, better safe than sorry!! Good luck and take care!Tami


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