The Samantha Years

Change- By Samantha

My mama is crazy about this man. She ran around the house last night hooting and crying….I thought oh no, we’re going to have to call 911 again. She talks about change and how important it is right now. I automatically think it’s about something in my diaper but I guess it’s a different kind of change.

So Mama drug me out yesterday to do this thing called ‘vote’. I didn’t think it was too exciting. I did get a sticker though!

Waiting in Starbucks for my free tall drip after I voted!

What do you mean I’m not old enough for my free tall drip??!! And they call this a democracy!

4 thoughts on “Change- By Samantha”

  1. That last pic made me smile….she looks like how I looked when I realized the free Starbucks was plain ol’ coffee, not a shaken lemonade I had intended to get for free 🙂


  2. Love the last picture Sam!!!!! You are looking so much better!!! Good for you to get out and vote! Way to start early!! Keep getting better little one!


  3. Big Sam you are a beautiful rascal!And OF COURSE you are right, Democracy is the essence of everything!!! You and I definitely need to meet up more often to discuss these important baby-girl issues … my place or yours?????


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