The Samantha Years

I know WAAAAYYYYY too much!

I’m watching ER. I’m not sure why because it hasn’t been the same since George left (maybe ten years ago?) and some of those medical procedures are a little too close to home. Maybe it’s in honor of Michael Crichton who created ER and who I’ll miss. Remember the first time you saw the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Classic.

Anyway some guy on the show had seizures so they called for so many milligrams of Ativan. Hey, good choice. Samantha responds well to Ativan Then another man who was living on the street came in with an infection and the doc called for Vanco and Ceftriaxone. Ahhhh, he must have a staph infection with something else bacterial. But should they give a homeless man IV antibiotics? Maybe there’s another choice

Then I heard a voice….turn the channel or read a book!

So I turned to the news who reported a nurse in Boulder who switched out a pain med, fentenol (sp) for saline during patients recovery from surgery. Ow, Ow, Ow!

Enough! I turned off the TV and reached for my book….Anna Karinina…..Tolstoy. It’s a crazy night when Tolstoy is lighter entertainment than NBC. Stay away from the medical shows….away from the medical shows…aaawwwwaaayyyy…..

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