The Samantha Years

One Week! By Samantha

So I have been home for a week. I have to say…..this home thing is pretty nice.

No beepers, no buzzers, no doctors, no nurses, just Mama, Daddy and Me…..nice.

Mama took me back to the doctor today and my ear looks good…nice and dry. Dr. Elias kept commenting on how fantastic I look. Well of course! I always look good but some days are better than others.

It was very nice to walk into the TCH Penthouse and walk out an hour later. Adios Docs! No one’s keeping me in!

On a very annoying note, I have become ticklish. I don’t know when this happened but my face scrunches up and I get this very cute look on my face. My parents are very easily entertained and have made tickling me their new life’s passion. Help!

I have eluded them though….Mama spent the good part of an hour this afternoon trying to capture my tickle face on camera but I was too quick for her! Ha ha Mama! No pictures of the elusive tickle face! Now leave me alone.

I do have to send a word out to my Mama. She is the PIC line queen….midnight, 3 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon…she is there with IV meds and a syringe of saline. Go Mama!

3 thoughts on “One Week! By Samantha”

  1. Heather, Bart & Sam. We have missed you, but see there were many to provide you comfort during our absence–which we knew would be the case!! I know how grateful you are for all the support you get–we feel grateful that so many have watched over you. Thanks to all of you!! H, B & S, we can't wait to see you. You continue to inspire us with your tenacity, intelligence and humor. Sam–a warning. We may have to try out that tickle thing. The hugs and big sloppy kisses are a sure thing!! Love, Pops & Nonnie


  2. Hey Heather! It’s Jen (Faith’s mom) I just read your beauitful article Anchor’s website- and now I found your blog! I’m excited to keep up on Sam’s journey.Glad you are home! Next time our paths cross again I hope it’s somewhere other than the hospital!Jen Reming:)


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