The Samantha Years

Where is my mother? By Princess Samantha

Yes, once again, I have to take over the blog. Mama is easily distracted. This week she was out gallivanting around…forgetting that her primary job is attending to me, Princess Samantha. She also got obsessed about the second Twilight book, New Moon and read 500 pages in four days. Yeah, Mama says she has it hard but look at these pics….I really don’t feel sorry for her.

Fortunately, I have others who love me dearly and pick up when Mama decides to be a little devilish…..

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you???

She was hangin’ with a rough crowd…..

Fortunately, Grandma Judi came to the rescue! Save me from devil Mama!

Before Mama grew horns, she and Pops went out on the town to celebrate his ’49th’ birthday (you can thank me later Pops!)

They went to an Avs game and Mama yelled obscenities at the Senators.

Where is the baby you may ask? Whose watching Samantha? Nonnie took over so that crazy Mama could have her fun.

Not pictured is Grandpa Jim…carseat mover and oxygen tank-changer extraordinaire.

Thank you…dear Grandparents, for watching over poor, abandon Princess. Mama would thank you too but I think she’s snoozing on the couch. I have to do all the work around here.


Princess S.

5 thoughts on “Where is my mother? By Princess Samantha”

  1. Love the pics Princess S! We love that you keep us up to date while the rest of the family parties! Miss you! Love, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jen 🙂


  2. Love seeing the pictures of what you all are up to when Mama’s out gallivanting and Samantha is home playing with her grandparents! Of course, I think the one with Samantha and her Nonnie is absolutely beyond priceless!! Love you all! Katie


  3. Hey Princess. How about beating MOM at her own game and joining us at the Aquarium next week. Okay, MOM can come too. Grandma Judi??? Christy and Kayla


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