The Samantha Years

The many uses of my blender

So, back in the day, my blender was based on it’s ice-crushing abilities. How quickly can it make my marg a smooth, frothy, lip-smackin beverage? Can it meet these requirements many, many times during a Cinco De Mayo party without smoking, jamming or developing a funky smell?

My needs were simple.

The other day I learned something new.

Wait for this one.

You wouldn’t believe it……

A blender can be used for food.


Who in there right mind would want to blend their food?


Kind of.

When I became pregnant with Samantha, I had dreams of making my own organic baby food. I would be a Whole Foods mama, shifting nervously over fresh veggies, smelling, squeezing, picking, poking. It would be fabulous.

When Samantha had to be tube fed, I put those visions on hold. When Samantha went on the ketogenic diet I resigned myself to the fact her diet would consist of something out of can; pre-made by some nutrition based company in Ohio. I couldn’t possilbly put something together that she could eat everyday. It sounded very complicated.

Oh contraire Mama.

The other day a Kind Canadian Ketogenic Mama sent me a recipe for a homemade ketogenic formula. Viola! Samantha’s new diet now consists of:

Olive Oil
Odwalla (Organic!) Superfood
Coconut Milk

Not too bad eh? Especially when you think that a year ago she was drinking partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Whip that up in a blender and we are good to go. Ironically, Samantha isn’t nearly as gaggy as she used be. Hmmmm….maybe she thought partially hydrogenated soybean oil was nasty too.

The best part is that I can now look through the eggs, trying to decide if free-range is better than cage free. I can look for the DHA, omega three enriched, happy eggs from happy chickens and live my Whole Foods Mama dream.

As a side note to this dream, I have decided that Whole Foods is hopelessly overpriced so I’m opting for Vitamin Cottage.

And my blender no longer smells like a frat party.

Life is good.

2 thoughts on “The many uses of my blender”

  1. “A blender can be used for food”. That made me laugh – out loud, as usual!Indeed, I discovered this too since Abigail moved in. We have our meal, and she has the same one but blended. I mean, like, B.l.e.n.d.e.d. She eats Bernard-Bunch-dinner soup. How on EARTH did they manage in the caveman days without a blender, I ask you? (quizzical look on face)…..


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