The Samantha Years


Ick-a-roo….such a nasty bug.

So, it is confirmed that the critter who has taken residence in Sammers ear is MRSA.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we think we caught it early enough so that she doesn’t have to have a PIC line and she doesn’t have to go home on I.V. antibiotics….we think….This is good news for many reasons.

1. PIC lines are evasive and direct lines to Samantha’s heart
2. They freak her mother out
3. I.V. antibiotics are administered around the clock so no one sleeps
4. Everyone is happier when they sleep
5. Vanco is a tough antibiotic…hard on the entire system and something you don’t want to become resistant to…the less time on Vanco, the better.

So keep your fingers crossed for oral antibiotics!

On another note, they let us make her formula here in the hospital. This was great because the canned soy nasty RCF is hard on her tummy. She would much rather have coconut milk and Odwalla Super Food. I went out and purchased everything we needed; came back to the hospital and realized that we didn’t have anything to store her formula in. A bottle was too small. The container needed to have a wide-mouth opening to pour all of the ingredients into, a tight seal on the top and a side volume indicator would be helpful too….what to do….what to do.

Ironically, a container typically used for ‘output’ rather than ‘input’ seemed to work perfectly…..a urinal.

We are mixing and storing her formula in a plastic urinal. Hey, it’s sterile, has Samantha’s name on it. NO ONE tries to drink from it. I think I’m onto something 🙂 Call me the Mother of Invention.

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