The Samantha Years

And…..we’re back…again

I’ll tell ya. We need a fast-pass admittance into Children’s or something. A little green card that let’s us bypass all the piffle. Piffle is my new word for the day; it basically means crap. If I have to tell another admittance nurse Samantha’s history, that we don’t smoke, we don’t have pets and yes, we do have a telephone at home, I will go absolutely bonkers….bonkers with the copious quantity of piffle.

Where, I ask you, where are the answers to these questions from last week.?

It’s the electronic age. I know it stored somewhere in her file that we don’t have a cat and that we feel quite safe in our home, thank you.


Speaking of piffle, it is piffle that we are back on the 8th floor….again. Sweet Cheeks got home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon. We were looking forward to a nice weekend recovering and watching the snow. Friday she wasn’t quite herself. Saturday she woke up after a five hour snooze screaming and writhing in pain. A dose of Motrin and Ativan did nothing. Two hours of trying to comfort an inconsolable Samantha lead us to pack the car and head back down.

Fortunately, we were at Grandma Judi’s and Grandpa Jim’s. The car was packed in two seconds and we had a shorter drive to the hospital. Samantha decided to make the night a little dramatic by holding a 104 fever for a while and really, remaining in quite a lot of pain.

I have to say, Samantha pain is awful. She can go from 100 degrees to 104 in a matter of minutes. Her back arches, she screams, her heart-rate goes up to 160….and stays there. This goes on for hours AND after you have thrown in a gammet of calming, fever, pain reducing drugs.


18 hours later, she is sleeping soundly due to some heavy duty drugs and a couple doses of Vanco. The question now is why did she spike? Do we leave her on Vanco or see if there is another reason why she is sick? And really, when do we get to take a healthy Samantha home? We are putting a care conference together tomorrow to see if we can come up with a plan.


5 thoughts on “And…..we’re back…again”

  1. I am so sorry you’re back in the hospital. And they really don’t make it easy for you, do they? While you’re hanging out right now, write down the Piffle questions and supply your piffle answers. When you get home print it out on a lovely pastel card and laminate it. Then if you have to return in the future you can just whip out the card and hand it to the nurse. They don’t like it? Then they should stop asking the same questions over and over and over, especially when you’re tired and worried about your child. Hang in there, Mama.


  2. My heart goes out to you guys! Praying that you get some answers at the care conference! Decisions are soo hard, know that whatever it is you choose, that you are making the right decisions for Sam!Take care, and please know I am here if you need anything! HUG!Tami


  3. Thanks for sharing Heather. It is so hard to read your description of Samantha in pain. It is so horribly unfair. I will hope and pray and hope and pray some more for her strong little body to knock that bug out STAT!sending you love,Susan, John, and Keegan


  4. Who would have guessed that you should have gone to med school?? I hope you guys get out soon and get home and back into a regular routine. We Trueblood’s are thinking of you!Heidi


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