The Samantha Years

The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous

We are waiting to go home. We have been waiting since Wednesday. On Wednesday we found out that Samantha’s infection is sensitive to an I.V. anitbiotic. I.V. antibiotics are not our choice but we can go home on them with a PIC line.

“So let’s do a PIC.” I say on Wednesday.

“We can schedule the PIC for Thursday and you can go home after that.”


Thursday morning roles around. We have denied poor Samantha breakfast so she’s ready for the procedure…..let’s get things goin’!

“The procedure center is all backed up and they can’t do the PIC until tomorrow.” I am told.


Look at this squirmy, pink child wiggling in the bed. She feels good, it’s time to go. No, we have to wait until tomorrow….another night in the germy, noisy, hospital….until we get a PIC.

Here’s irony for you. Children’s has these yummy coffee machines that will make you a personal latte’ or mocha. They are taking away the foamy milk and chocolate because the little packets cost too much. This makes me sad because I like my personal latte’ but hey, times are tough and I will make my sacrifices.

Until I realized that if we went home yesterday, the hospital would have saved enough money to provide us latte’ deprived families with yummy foamed milk for a year.

It’s the little things in life.


Samantha is in because of a new infection. It wasn’t her ear…it was another crazy, nasty UTI.


Looking for our silver cloud, we have changed Urologists which I feel very good about. We are deviating from the Children’s system to Presbyterian St. Luke’s for this doctor. I feel a little guilty but hey….they are taking away my foamy milk! We are also going to see the Immunology Clinic at National Jewish. We’re getting serious here.


Another good is that I now sit on a couple Boards at Children’s Hospital. One met while we were in this week and I was able to express my ‘discontent’ at being held hostage for a PIC line and being re-admitted 48 hours after discharge. These are big deals to the big-wigs at hospitals and I think I made my point heard… much so that they are considering some policy changes.

Chiping away to change the world….chippy, chippy, chippy.

Samantha is as cute as a bug. She’s laying next to me playing with her balloons and thanks you all for your good wishes and prayers.

1 thought on “The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous”

  1. Our children need more advocates like you Heather…you make me so proud! Hope you get home today. Tell Sam that Ava let the Easter Bunny know yesterday that she might be at Children’s if she wasn’t at home!


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