The Samantha Years

Home! With a weekend stop….

We were discharged on Friday!

And without a PIC line!

While waiting for the PIC, Infectious Disease played around with other antibiotics and found a med that Samantha could take orally. We could go home. We could go home without a PIC line. What could be better?

Perhaps a weekend in Vail.

Yep. We packed up out of the hospital, drove home, packed up the car and drove to Vail for the weekend. We already had plans to be in Vail but the million dollar pic-line question was could we make those Vail plans happen?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I packed like a banshee. I threw meds from one bag into another, made sure we had enough oxygen for Samantha, slammed a cup of coffee and tossed the skis in the car.

We were off.

Was this the doctor’s idea of a relaxing weekend at home? Maybe not. But Samantha didn’t care where she was as long as it wasn’t the hospital and someone could cuddle with her at her demand. We spent the weekend with Pops and Nonnie who were happy to cuddle, coo and snuggle with our little patient. As a result, a relaxed Samantha did something she didn’t do the whole week at the hospital.

Samantha slept…and slept….and slept.

And Mama did something she didn’t do the whole week at the hospital.

Mama took in the fresh scent of pine trees, shoosed in the spring snow, howled at at the blue sky and yes….Mama slept too.

This protocol should be mandatory for all discharge instructions.

Happy Easter.

1 thought on “Home! With a weekend stop….”

  1. I’m CERTAIN that a weekend with Pops and Nonnie would do any girl a whole ‘lotta good! My fingers, and toes(!) are crossed for a week of healing at home for Samantha! Love you all!


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