The Samantha Years


I am suffering from an acute case of stay-at-homeitis followed by the what-did-I-do-today flu.

Perhaps it’s a lack of focus, perhaps it’s the weather…maybe I need a hobby.

I have too many hobbies; perhaps that’s part of the problem.

When I was ‘working’, I had a project or several projects that I was seeing to completion. Someone would come up to me and ask what I was working on and I had action items, lists, agendas, meetings, conference calls….all intended to complete this project.


And I had cute little shoes, a matching handbag and a lunch date.

My action items were never interrupted with a never-ending pile of laundry, dust bunnies and a gaggy, cranky two-year old or even more distracting, a cuddly, warm, smiling, adorable two-year old; this turns the action items into more of a wish list.

This does ensure job security.

Which is a nice thing in this economy. But my lack of accountability has left me wandering….searching for my focus….perhaps it’s under the couch….with my dust bunnies.

2 thoughts on “Deliverables”

  1. it is so hard to stay home! we all start to pace after a while. don’t forget to stretch your bones and get some fresh air now and then. And you’re right, the snuggly baby is a huge distraction, but a nice one.


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