The Samantha Years


So, I am soliciting donations…yet again.

“But Heather”, you say “I just gave to the Sammer Hammer Walk for Epilepsy in April. In February, I gave to the Children’s Miracle Network. What more can you ask for?”

And to that I say that I cannot, in good conscience, ask for another penny from you.

So, I am asking you in bad conscience.

In July I will be riding 157 miles through the Colorado mountains in order to raise money for The Children’s Hospital. The race is called the Courage Classic and I am captaining a team called Summits for Samantha. If you have a nickel (or more) left for a Samantha cause you can donate at: Or just visit the page to check out why we choose to ride for Children’s. It’s good coffee break reading. Do to technical difficulties, I have also posted a direct link in the nav bar of our blog.

Because lets face it, Samantha has more causes than a Berkley hippie…

on a Greenpeace boat…

with Al Gore…..

We can rally behind many causes….so we do…and yes, we take you with us…you lucky, lucky people!

A big hurray goes to Aunt Tracy and Uncle Scott who are the first donors. Thank you, thank you for starting us off. Tracy also makes the amazing brownies when we are in the hospital….mmmmmmm…brownies.

Love you all….thanks for being on the boat with us

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