The Samantha Years

Angels and Frogs

I remember being 3 and decorating a gingerbread man and gingerbread lady at preschool.

They had raisins for eyes.

And red-hots for buttons.

And FROSTING on their hands and feet.

They were looking mighty tasty. And I was just about to eat their tiny gingerbread heads when my mother said, “lets take them home and shellac them, then you can have your gingerbread people for a long, long time.”

Shellac them????

“Can I still eat them after we shellac them?”

“Well, no.”

Well that didn’t sound very fun. What the heck is shellac anyway? I didn’t care about Christmas next year….I wanted to eat my gingerbread people NOW.

But my smart mother bribed me with an Oreo or two.

And I’m very glad she did.

The gingerbread man hung on the tree for 25 more Christmases before he met a crumbly fate. The gingerbread lady is still going strong. She’s looking a tad petrified but not bad for eggs, flour, sugar and (of course) shellac.

Every Christmas I wait to see if our little lady has held on another year.

I decorated our family tree this weekend. It’s a treasure trove of new memories and how our little family has grown over the years….ornaments we received when we were engaged, married, Samantha’s first Christmas.

And many, many frogs….

When we lost Jack, I decided that his ‘token’ animal was a frog…it was a boy thing. As a result we received many, many frog ornaments that Christmas. Frogs skiing, dancing, wearing prince outfits, roller skating or frogs just being frogs.

I love our frog ornaments.

Samantha seems to get angels…..wooden angels, crystal angels, ornate angels, simple angles, angels skiing, angels dancing…..

I love our angel ornaments.

Frogs and angels….frangels…an unlikely combination. Is our tree housing a dichotomy?


Frogs become princes, frogs have been called the ‘angels of the rainforest’….the indication of a healthy planet….Kermit plays a mean banjo.

And angels are well….angels are good.

It’s a good tree and I am content with our new memories.

I’m off to find some gingerbread.

2 thoughts on “Angels and Frogs”

  1. I wish I had some old ornaments of mine. I think my dad and mom are still holding on to all of them! I do love my new ornaments though, symbols of marriage, and babies, and big kids. I like your page too…very Christmas-y. 🙂


  2. I LOVE the idea of Frangels. You could make new ornaments marrying frogs with halos and wings. Lovely post–I love our family tree and ornaments,as well.Also, can't wait till Thursday to give you a giant lip kiss and tell you how proud I am that you're published! Yippee!!


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