The Samantha Years

Holiday Zombies

I starting noticing them around Thanksgiving….

staring at the items in the aisle like they had never seen them before,

standing three carts deep next to the brown sugar and analyzing the difference between canned turkey gravy and dried turkey gravy.

The dazed and confused look in their eyes gave them away.

Holiday Zombies: a direct result from an overworked, stressed out induvidual. They will run over you for a dollar scarf at Old Navy. Don’t even think of fighting them for a Zhu Zhu pet at Toys R Us. You will loose…poorly.

Holiday Zombies have lost their minds; cognitive thinking and compassion is beyond them.

They are also very bad drivers.

On Wednesday I dropped Samantha off at preschool and then rushed off for two hours of uninterrupted Christmas shopping. Instead of being blissfully happy to have two hours to myself, I replayed a shopping list in my head, cursed traffic and felt my anxiety grow over my mounting Christmas duties.

I pulled into the mall and turned off the car engine but I still heard a low growl. I looked about…nothing…but the growl was getting louder….

And then I saw them. The Holiday Zombies…they were coming for me. I had been dazed enough, rushed enough, ‘crazed’ enough that they decided I would be a tasty member of their zombie club.

I locked the doors and started talking to myself (which by the way, I do quite often)

Heather, what’s up?

I don’t know, it’s the season. I feel so busy. Their is always something else to do. I feel like I can’t catch up, no time for myself…

What’s the most important thing?

Samantha’s healthy.

Say it again

Samantha’s healthy


Samantha’s Healthy!!!!



I can’t hear yyyyyooooouuuuuu!!!!

So there I sat; in the Malibu station wagon…yelling my fool head off.

That’s right, I said to myself, when you put it like that the rest is just gravy.

Dried Turkey gravy?

Oh no, Sugar. The real stuff

With my priorities back in line, the Zombies left, disgruntled and without another team member. I sighed deeply and felt my anxiety wash away.

I got out of the car with a smile on my face and new sense of humanity. I walked into the mall and rocked those Power Hours.

Rocked them like a hurricane.

1 thought on “Holiday Zombies”

  1. And the joy that comes from that is all the gift we need this year!!! The rest is all bonus. Merry Christmas to you and Bart and Samantha…and a Happy, and HEALTHY, 2010!!!


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