The Samantha Years

Our Christmas Letter

I am still feeling a bit lazy and lounging in a post-Christmas stupor. So, I’m not posting anything new but in case you missed it, here’s our Christmas poem!

Two weeks before Christmas and I sat there feeling crummy,
Samantha had a cough and her nose was bit runny.
I had shopping to do. I had to clean our castle
I was all done with this holiday hassle!

I sat there feeling sorry for my cheerless self
When I noticed sitting beside me was a small green elf.
No bigger than a latte’ and with ears that were pointed,
He looked at me and said “Oh, Heather, I am so disappointed!”

“Disappointed?” Said I, “You? You have no right!
You’re up at the North Pole eating cookies all night!
You have no idea of my hardship and woe.
I’m sorry dear elf but you’ll just have to go.”

With that, the elf kicked me, hard, in the shin.
“Good, now that I have your attention, I shall begin!
I’ve tallied your days…the good and the dire
If your good days were dollars, I could retire!”

Then he pulled out a list and he stated to check,
I thought I would listen. I figured what the heck.
“Samantha has been healthy, that itself is a reason
to be grateful and thankful…not grumpy this season.”

“She started preschool and is learning quite a lot
Her buddies and teachers love her…give that a little thought
She is smiley and growing, getting stronger day by day,
Goodness, do I see that grimace fading away?”

“Bart works hard everyday at a job he finds keen
And many times this winter, on the slopes he could be seen
You took a family vacation, Yellowstone was the place
Aren’t those all wonderful, joyous reasons to embrace?”

“And for you my friend, this year has been quite alrighty
You’re writing, you’ve been published, those things are dynomity!
You skied all winter, in the Courage Classic you rode
I’m so happy for you all, I’m about to explode!”

“Well don’t do that! It gives me more to clean!
But I hear what you say and I get what you mean.
So thank you dear elf, you’ve renewed my holiday cheer…
Happy Holidays to all and a lovely New Year!”
Love, Heather, Bart and Samantha

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