The Samantha Years

Important Stuff!

Tomorrow is our first meeting of the Larimer County Epilepsy Support Group! If you know someone in Northern Colorado who might benefit from a latte’ and a little support regarding epilepsy, send them our way. I have no idea if we will be helpful but we’ll be supportive……and perhaps entertaining. I’ll tell a joke or two.

Here are the details:

Tuesday, January 12th at 7:00 (moving forward the second Tuesday of the month)
Mandolin Cafe, 210 East 4th St. Loveland, CO

You can post any inquiries here or email me at

AND, my lovely friend Jenny gave me a Lemonade Award for my blog!

Jenny writes The Fish Tank which if you haven’t visited, go now! Jenny has three little ones under four and manages to stay sane, much more organized than I am and gives wonderful answers to my many questions.

Thanks Jenny!

A lemonade award is for those bloggers who make ‘lemonade out of life’s lemons’….hmmm…somedays I think I’m looking for lemoncello….Also, part of getting a Lemonade Award is passing it on to ten other blog writers. So watch for your award!

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