The Samantha Years

The Cream

Some days are cream days. Some days are skim milk days.

The skim milk days can do the trick. They add something to the cereal but deep down inside you know you are really just having milky water. The skim milk days leave you wanting more, wondering if there is anything more. Skim milk days still leave me hungry.

And then there are the cream days…..ahhhhh…the cream days. The cream days are rich, they leave you feeling full and content, happy and satisfied even if nothing outstanding happened.

Today was a cream day. I had a great coffee date with a friend this morning while Samantha was at school. I then met my special needs supermoms for lunch. My interactions with the supermoms always leave me feeling content. I can joke about meds, suctioning techniques and appointments. I don’t get the ‘sad’ look. The sad look makes me feel like maybe I am missing some undeniable truth in my life…like maybe I should be sad too. The sad look gives me wrinkles. I don’t like wrinkles.

It’s the cream days that get me through the skim milk days. Perhaps I live off the excess fat. No it’s okay…I can cut back a little…yesterday was a cream day…

Wishing you all a cream day.

4 thoughts on “The Cream”

  1. Heather, thank you so much! YOU just gave me a cream day! And, isn't it great to know that cream days are contagious!! Your voice always comes through in your writing. What a gift you are to…now, the world!!Love you!


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