The Samantha Years


My Grandma Dodie had a birthday last week…..I think she turned 87. How awful am I that I can’t remember if Dodie is 86 or 87?

Bad Grandaughter.

Back in the day, my Dodie was fabulous. She taught me how to dance by standing on her feet in her kitchen. She and my Popa always had coca-cola in their refrigerator and you could never eat too many potato chips.

Thousands of lightening bugs lived in their backyard.


Popa and Dodie bought me velvet dresses and impractical boots with heels. My feet were cold for a whole winter and I slid through the cross-walk to school…but I had great boots. Even today when I want to add a little fabulous to my outfit, I pull out one of Dodie’s choker’s or handbags.

I visited Dodie today. I’m not quite sure she knew who I was but she was still fabulous. She watched me pull out a birthday card….she let me read it to her. I pulled out flowers…eh, flowers.

And then I pulled out a big heart shaped box of chocolate and set it on her lap. Her eyes got wide. Her little fingers started to pull at the celophane…..

“Dodie, do you want me to open this for you?”

“uh huh!”

She eagerly plucked a carmel, dipped in dark chocolate and popped it in her mouth. It didn’t matter who I was, we were now friends.

Mama always said… is like a box of chocolates

3 thoughts on “Chocolates”

  1. Wonderful picture.My grandmother passed away this November. She was 94. I miss hanging out with her watching “Cops.” Hold on to those times with her. They are precious.


  2. Dodie would be so proud to know that you wrote about her. Her mind is a little fuzzy-true. But I believe she feels the love offered to her and feels comfort in seeing a familiar face–even when the name is distant. I'm so glad you took the time to see her!


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