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I Cannot Buy an iPad

Today Apple unveiled it’s highly anticipated tiny, tablet computer….

The world waited with breath that was baited….

I heard it on the news this morning….

The iPad.

I laughed out loud. I have iPads in my bathroom, next to the maxi pads. Funny, but this is a HUGE corporation, surely they have checked with the public, focus groups and shareholders to make sure no one else thinks the iPad protects against those ‘days’ I surely, truly, must be the only one who thinks the iPad is for those lady days.

But no…..

The New York Daily News thinks it sounds like a feminine hygiene product, even techie men are saying the iPad might help keep your knickers fresh.

I have an iTouch and sometimes I feel a little naughty for saying iTouch…where is my iTouch? Oh the battery in my iTouch has died. I must plug my iTouch in.

I am sure the iPad is fabulous. Apple owners love their products. Heck, I love my iTouch (hehe, I said iTouch). But where are the women on the Apple marketing team? Couldn’t someone have said that the name just doesn’t go with the flow?

Perhaps the marketing people need a little help…I thought I would put in my two cents.

The iPad….small, discrete, no one will know but you

The iPad…put it in your purse and go

The iPad…so thin you will never know it’s there

The iPad…life doesn’t slow down….neither should you

Shorter, lighter periods…is there an app for that?

5 thoughts on “I Cannot Buy an iPad”

  1. So my husband was the techie waiting for the announcement this morning. I was sitting in his office when it was announced, and I said “I will NOT call it that!!”. He stopped and goes huh….ooooooh! HaHaHa!!He most definitely will get one…it's just a matter of time…but that baby will be known as the tablet and the tablet only in our house.


  2. Agreed…come on Mr Jobs, no one wants to be reminded of Aunt Flo when it is time to get 'techie' with it. Where were those SMART women on the Apple “I” team??


  3. That is hilarious. I made a similar comment on my FaceBook and ferfischer sent me a link to this post!!! Such stupidity by people who are supposed to be smarter than me…


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