The Samantha Years

Fe, fi, fo, fum….what’s going on with Samantha’s tum?

At first I thought it was the dreaded UTI. Logical, typical, predictable.

Thursday meant canceling school, other appointments, loading up the Malibu and heading down to TCH.


“Really? Can we check again?”

I sometimes get an idea in my head about Samantha and hold onto it like a dog with a bone….grrrrr…must be UTI….grrrrr

Samantha had been on edge, pulling her feet up and pretty lethargic ….grrr…UTI….don’t touch my bone…..

She also had another nasty MRSA filled ear….okay, I’ll see you an ear infection but that didn’t explain her tummy. Or did it? It’s a puzzle with little Sammers

The doctor pulled in the other specialists and the next step was confirmed; they needed to take some blood for a metabolic panel.

Trying to get blood from Samantha is like milking a turnip. A squirming, hysterical turnip. I would rather stick bamboo up my toenails than hold Samantha as they try for another lousy, scarred vein.

In fact it’s so much fun, I pulled Samantha’s Grandma in the room too. I like to share. Grandma Judi’s a trooper.

Blood was drawn and four hours later, we headed back to the Land of Love with no answers but a prescription for her nasty ear.

Yesterday Samantha still wasn’t on her A game. At lunch we get a call that her metabolic levels were off and we needed to come back in for further tests. Liver issues are huge for mito kids so we headed back in.

“We think Samantha has mild pancreatitis.” Our smarty doctors said.

“Pancreatitis!!! Oh my God. What does that mean????” As Samantha’s mom, I have a tendency to go to a bad place when we get a diagnosis. I usually go there before I know the meaning or the treatment. I freaked out when I heard Samantha had the Rhinovirus.


“Heather it’s another word for the common cold.” But the common cold and mild pancreatitis can be very serious for Lil Miss if it’s not treated and monitored.

Her pancreas is mildly upset from the ketogenic diet and her seizure meds. Treatment? Give her clear liquids for 24 hours. Recheck blood levels at TCH on Monday.

Not so bad. We got home around 7:30 last night. Samantha feels much better as we are ‘cleansing’ her system.

In spite of our long TCH days and my grumbling about blood tests, I am so grateful that our doctors look a little ‘deeper’ when it comes to Samantha. A happy pancreas is a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Fe, fi, fo, fum….what’s going on with Samantha’s tum?”

  1. Sammer…a little liquid diet is good for all of us every now and then and the best type of fix, very organic ;)Glad you are feeling better sweet pea and I hope the momma is getting some rest. Call if you need ANYTHING!


  2. You were sweet, Heather, to keep this news from us.I understand why you did. We were gone. Bart was gone. I'm glad your mom was there. And best of all, we're glad to hear Samantha is feeling better. You, too! xooxoxoxxo


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