The Samantha Years

Lovely Easter

It was a good Easter!

The last three Easter’s of Samantha’s life have been hard.

Easter #1: We had just taken Samantha home from the hospital after her diagnosis of Infantile Spasms She was on heaping doses of meds and proceed to seize her way through Easter.

Easter #2: Samantha had an undiagnosed UTI and again had seizures through Easter.

Easter #3: Easter number three itself was good….we spent the weekend in Vail with Pops and Nonnie. But we were in the hospital until Good Friday due to yet another infection. Samantha did score an awesome bunny that week from the Aurora Police Department so we had that going for us but still….tough time during Easter.

This year, Samantha has been fighting another MRSA infection. We’ve changed antibiotics and I’ve packed a hospital bag twice this week thinking we might be admitted.

But our girl has held strong.

Last night she was clearly uncomfortable; her third sick night this week. I rocked Lil’ Miss at 3:00 in the morning thinking of how many plans we would have to cancel today, what I would pack for our hospital bag and contemplated how crowded the E.R would be on Easter.

And then her Daddy came into the room.

And he got her to sleep.

And she slept….and slept….

until 10:30 this morning. Samantha wasn’t on her ‘A’ game today; more of a C+ game but the new antibiotics seem to be finally kicking in. She sat on Grandma Judi’s lap and enjoyed the day. She even sat outside and watched her cousins and Grandpa Jim hunt for Easter eggs.

Grandpa Jim is on crutches right now so he kind of ‘hopped’ for Easter eggs with the basket around his neck….pictures are to come.

We could just enjoy the holiday….that’s even better than a Reese’s peanut butter egg….Thanks Easter Bunny!

3 thoughts on “Lovely Easter”

  1. Dear Samantha…I hope your new medicine works and it doesn't hurt your tummy too much. Antibiotics always hurt my tummy when I have to take them. Keep feeling better so we can play together soon!XoXo,Monster Max


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