The Samantha Years


I am preaching to the choir here but I have something stuck in my craw and I must clear it….

Bear with me.

Blogiquette….how do you behave when on someone’s blog?

I only ask because I have seen some nastiness out there lately….some mild, some downright appalling. I wonder what makes people feel that they can post anything on someone else’s blog.

Well they put it out there….

This seems to be the number reason for posting unhelpful, even insulting comments on another blog.

Here is my comparison… the put it out there comment…

You invite me to dinner….we don’t know each other that well and I’ve never been to your house but I accept because you seem interesting and mildly entertaining.

I show up and immediately comment that I hate the color of your entry way. I scrutinize your family pictures and say your Aunt Helga looks looks like a man. I traipse into your house while wearing my muddy boots and talking too loud.

You hand me glass of Merlot. I say I prefer Chardonnay. I also dislike the Louis Armstrong CD you’re playing, your carpet is too scratchy and the Ansel Adams above your fireplace is incredibly outdated.

And you’re a dork.

Through dinner I disagree with everything you say. I hate your meatloaf. I leave with my muddy boots still on, kick your cat and throw up in your rose bushes.

When we visit another blog, especially a family blog, it’s a personal look into someone’s life. It’s an invitation into their world; their home. So many times I have said “I’ve been on your blog and I feel like I know you already!”

Because I kind of do…..because you have allowed me into your life.

Yes, it’s been ‘put out there’ so to speak, but just because it’s out there do we have to say exactly what we think of every comment?

I really am not a fan of meatloaf but would never say it to a host.

Because I am a guest. To my discredit, I personally can be a loud, boisterous, opinionated guest but I hope, I HOPE, I have the foresight to know when I have stayed my limit, when it is time to thank my host for a lovely conversation and move on.

May we mind our manners….when it comes to meatloaf and blog posts.

3 thoughts on “Blogiquette”

  1. Totally agree! Some of…most of my closest friendships have started online…and I know a lot of people don't “get that”, but it's true. I always try to go into an online 'relationship' with the idea that I may actually meet this person some day…and I need to mind my p's and q's!


  2. Perfectly stated! I too have seen many horrible comments and I wonder did your parents not teach you…”if you don't have something nice to say, then you say nothing.” Although I haven't experienced blog posts, I do get friends and family reading my blog and then calling or talking to me. Since they know so much about my life, I think they feel they can judge and give me their two cents anytime they want. I write for me and for my kids when they are older, not anyone else. So, that said, what would you say to these friends and family?I also don't know you, but feel your love for your little girl shine through your writing.


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