Heady Mama- By Samantha

Mama is a bit full of herself the past couple days. Her attention should be fully on ME but lately she’s like a giddy school girl.

She gets like this when she gets published. This week she’s seen her name in print twice so go figure, she’s queen of the world.

Earlier this week her essay on I’m Bringing Sexy Back came out in Get Born. It highlights a typical date night for Mama and Daddy……zzzzzzzzzzz……

Mama loves Get Born, adores the editor and says the writing is unique and snarky….whatever that means. I’m only interested in the pictures and as Mama would say, the photography is fabulous.

Check back here the next week or two….Mama will be giving away a Get Born subscription to her 20,000 visitor!

And then, THEN, because she just wasn’t prancing around enough…..this arrived yesterday; Mama’s second Chicken Soup publication. And there she is on page 25.

To make matters even worse, none of these stories are about me. Thanks Dad! is a story about Pops.

This sexy story is about date night. Date night? What’s interesting about date night? It only means I get a babysitter.

I the midst of her gallivanting around the house, Mama did manage to talk me for walk yesterday. She taught me how to moo at the cows….Silly Mama.

2 thoughts on “Heady Mama- By Samantha”

  1. Woot Woot! Way to go, Heather. You are a gifted writer, and I expect we'll see many more announcements of you in print.


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