The Samantha Years

"For us there is only the trying….

…..the rest is not our business” T.S. Eliot

Samantha is not on antibiotics….for the first time in months.

Am I a little nervous that these nasty infections will come back? Oh yeah. But right now we’re holding steady. We’re trying some things that are a little non-traditional but what the heck, “for us there is only the trying.”

What are we trying? We’re trying Grapefruit Seed Extract to combat Samantha’s MRSA. I use it topically to clean her ears and they have never looked better. She HATES it when I touch her ears but she’s tolerating this…..I think because it feels okay to her. NO MRSA antibiotics. Keep your fingers crossed.

Samantha is also on fish oil to combat her high cholesterol from the Ketogenic diet. Lately I thought I could cheat and use the cheaper fish oil capsules. It’s all fish oil right? I found out that the ‘good fat’ concentration is much, much less in the capsules; the difference of thousands of milligrams less. So if you’re taking fish oil for health benefits, pony up and pay for the liquid, otherwise you’re just taking smelly fish pills; nothing more.

Just my two cents.

The last new thing we’re trying with Samantha is real salt. My smart blogger buddy Fawn over at Fawnahareo’s Place, disclosed to us that our table salt has sugar in it. Seriously, go get your container of Morton’s, at the bottom it states that it contains dextrose.

Sugar… in our salt. This seems very silly to me. Table salt has also been stripped of anything our bodies might need.

REAL salt contains minerals necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies; substances that help to make up the proper chemical balance of our blood. When Samantha gets sick, she has a hard time maintaining her potassium, calcium and other minerals found in her blood…..all of these things are found in ancient sea salt. So off to Vitamin Cottage we went for ancient, all natural sea salt with 50+ trace minerals including iodine.

Have I completely lost it? Analyzing labels? Tweaking? Trying? Reading the Morton’s salt container?

Perhaps. But as healthy people, our bodies can handle and process quite a lot.

These fragile little Muffins however need to work with what is optimal for them….the best fish oil with all sorts of fatty nutrients, pricey, salty, salt loaded with minerals and no trace of sugar.

Will it make a difference? “For us there is only the trying, the rest is not our business.”

1 thought on “"For us there is only the trying….”

  1. I have been a loyal advocate of Grapefruit Seed extract for years…every since my ND and GP both recommended it when no sort of antibiotic could rid me of pneumonia. It cured me in three days after a month on traditional western antibiotics. I hope Sammy feels better taking something from Mama Earth rather than a petrie dish.Hugs…t from the radical north


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