The Samantha Years

When the Bat Phone is Busy

We have been spoiled by the Special Care Clinic at Children’s Hospital. Our wonderful Nurse B who operates the phone, knows my voice, knows Samantha, knows our case and has a wonderful way of listening and calming me down when Samantha seems really sick.

She will also move mountains to get us in at the last minute.

We are very, very lucky. We also have our fabulous Dr. E. who I have adopted as yet another Mom in my life.

It takes a village.

When our little Gotham City is burning, I pick up the bat phone, send out the bat signal and viola’, there are our Superheros.

I have become very used to our Superhero service….and as a result, get a little snippy when the bat phone is not available.

Yesterday there was a little fire in Gotham City. Our bat phone was busy and wonderful Nurse B was out in clinic.

Crap-a-roo….it is hard to explain to others who have not seen Samantha crash, how quickly she can crash. When we call, we really need to talk to someone who knows her and because I know the bat phone is a privilege, I try to only send the signal out when we need it.

Although lately it seems like we need it pretty often.

So I call and get Nurse B’s substitute for the day. There is no Dr. E until the afternoon and Nurse B is seeing patients. No matter, their are other Superheros who can help save Gotham City.

What about Aquaman? Booked solid through the day….sick jellyfish.

Wonder Woman? Took the invisible jet on vacation.

Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin? Robin’s an intern but knows us well.

Surely, there must be some Superfriend who knows us and is available. I am flying the bat signal after all. But to a nurse running busy phones, every mom is explaining their fragile sick child and every case sounds dire.

Fortunately, one of my super powers is that I can be tad tenacious, perhaps a bit ‘firm’ and persistent when it comes to Gotham in trouble. (Substitute Nurse might insert another adjective but that’s fine). My continuous flashing of the bat signal got us through to Nurse B who of course, delivered superhero service.

Our ‘Batman’, our Dr. E., met us in the Emergency Room with her bat belt and a list of metabolic tests for Samantha. I greeted her at the door with hug and told her she can never, ever leave the bat cave.

We have also been told that the importance of responding to our bat signal will be relayed to every nurse who works the special care phones…..apparently we will be on a ‘bat list’.

Our Gotham can burn pretty hot….what would we do without our Superfriends.

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