The Samantha Years


Tonight there is no cutesy analogy, no superheros, no dead customer service people.

Just a note of thanks from us to you all.

I often blog as a reminder that we are not alone in this fight for Samantha’s health. Along the way, I have met, and through you all created, a network of support that is thick as steal, tight as glue and absolutely priceless.

Thank you.

We’re still on the 8th floor tonight. Samantha has looked better but she’s also definitely been sicker. She’s running a low-grade fever and the doctors are thinking a urinary tract infection is the culprit. We’re also doing an ultra-sound of her pancreas, kidneys and bladder tomorrow to rule out pancreatitis.

Home tomorrow? Keep your fingers crossed. At the very least, we’re hoping to be home on Friday when Hubby gets back from Hungary.

But thank you… absolutely priceless network of support. You are well……absolutely priceless.

1 thought on “Thanks….”

  1. Oh my dear, sweet Heather. If you only knew how often I think of you and send good Mommy vibes your way. I live for your blog posts…All my love…Alissa


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