The Samantha Years

We are home….

We are home!

We are home with a big whooping bag full of rescue seizure meds. We are home with another urinary tract infection and an elevated lipase number (1050….normal is 10 to 150).

Why are we home? You may ask, with this list of issues. We are home because we need to be home. And after a long talk with the doctors, Samantha seems to be doing well today. And really, the last place you want to be, when your daughter seems to be doing well, is in the hospital.

We really needed a break….. I took a shower for two minutes today before I realized I was still wearing my bra….TWO minutes before I thought, why do I feel so damp?

Samantha started to cry every time the nurse came in to take her blood pressure….

We have not been at home, as the three of us, for 3 1/2 weeks…..

We consumed four bags of Milano cookies and watched Up eight and half times. It was time to leave.

It’s good to be home, even with our list of outstanding issues. The more we know Samantha, the more I hope we know when we can and cannot handle things at home. And the more we know how to utilize the resources around us.

In fact, during our last trip I got a police escort.

Seriously, police escort….. here’s my shout out to the Aurora police. We were stuck in traffic on Friday…bad traffic caused by a slow moving train. Samantha had two seizures while waiting for Mr. Amtrak to pass.

I was about to have a panic attack, watching Samantha through the rear view mirror. While cursing the slow-moving train gods, I noticed a police car next to us….so I rolled down our window…

“Excuse me,” I said, “my daughter’s having seizures and I really need to get her to Children’s Hospital.”

“Oh No! Do you need me to call 911?” He asked

“No, I just need to get out of this traffic. Can you help me?” So he turned on his lights and sirens, parted the seas of Peoria St, and got us back onto I-70 and into the Children’s ER.

It takes a village, or in this case, the Aurora Police Department.

We know when to call in our peeps. Hopefully we won’t have to call on them in anytime soon.

knock, knock, knock on wood 🙂

2 thoughts on “We are home….”

  1. It is horrible of me to admit I smiled thinking of you (or anyone for that matter) showering with a bra on? I think that imagine will stay with me today. I am glad you are home and hope you get some rest very soon!


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