The Samantha Years

28th Place

According to the latest Save the Children ‘Mother’s Index’, the US scored 28th as the ‘Best Place to be a Mother’.

Norway came in first. The US was beaten by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia and Slovenia.

Greece beat us by four places….coming in at 24.

I expect Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark to rank higher than America. When I lived in Germany, even the papas got a couple months paternity leave and every kiddo went to preschool.

In America only 61% of our children attend preschool.

Singapore beat us out too.

Other criteria was infant mortality rates, pregnancy-related trauma, maternity leave and even access to birth control.

I was saddened and a little surprised by this study. Especially because I really do feel Samantha gets exceptional care. Today I also visited my new little ‘niece‘ who is a 34-weeker receiving great care in a Boulder hospital.

How can we as a family be receiving such good care while ‘we’ as a nation, come in at 28th place?

What is my point? You may ask…four days before Mother’s Day? Someone commented on yahoo! that it was very poor form to headline this right before we celebrate our mamas.

But personally as a Mama, I want to know this. And as a Mama who talks to other Mamas….we all want nothing more than what is best for our babies.

28th place really isn’t best. While I don’t hear of anyone going to Latvia for labor and delivery, perhaps we should try and make a couple adjustments. I’m not asking for a first but maybe a 20th place?

There could be some room for improvement.

And on this Mother’s Day, kudos to all of you…the Mamas and those on Team Mama.

It take a village.

1 thought on “28th Place”

  1. I have no idea how Canada faired, but I do know you have the least friendly parental leaves of the North American continent – not to mention vacation days. Children are our future – which makes ones wonder where the USA is headed…


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