The Samantha Years

I’m an alien

When Samantha first became sick, a friend of mine gave me a copy of Welcome to Holland. I thought it was fabulous, poignant and I felt like I had landed in Holland. I have become used to Holland, comfortable perhaps with what might seem out of the ordinary to a tourist. What others might gawk at, I have learned to embrace because it is our life. I even love my wooden shoes.

After this week however, I have learned that there is a place more foreign than Holland. Sometimes just being in another country does not do the craziness justice. It it not just getting used to another language, it is another solar system, another galaxy. Touring a canal does not address the drama, the slime, the anxiety, it does not address the question that keeps popping up in my mind…...what messed up planet have we landed on?

Lately I’ve started to feel a bit like Greg….the Alien….

Notice the tail….

I have given this look several times in the last week….

I now communicate in clicks and squeals.

The question is….am I the invader or the invadee? I can’t decide.

The good news is Samantha is getting better. The influenza that has settled in her lungs is starting to break up. As a result, she is pretty congested and we are suctioning her quite a lot….nothing we don’t think we can’t handle at home. She also started her feeds yesterday. If she can tolerate the formula, we’ll be able to go home.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be beamed off this crazy planet.

Which is good….my alien tail needs to be trimmed.

Beam us up Scotty.

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